Tiny Gems          Ages 3-6 

Mini Sapphires  Ages 5-8

Youth Pearls          Ages 8-11

Junior Opals      ​ Ages 9-14

Cheer Teams for even the youngest of athletes! 

Our Tiny and Mini teams are for our youngest students! These teams offer an intro to body movements, beginner tumbling, stunting, flexibility, and team work! The tiny and mini teams are for both girls and boys between the ages of 3 and 8 years old. 



What is Prep Cheerleading?

"Prep" is short for preparation, meaning a prep team provides a slimmed down approach to competitive cheerleading, with all the hype, but not all the dollar signs! Teams are meant to prepare athletes for what a full All Star experience- both in commitment to a team, but also in heightening yout skill levels! Teams still compete, but they will not travel extensively to competitions like a full-travel, team would, nor do they attend as many competitions. BTC’s prep season is also shorter than a normal All Star program, which usually runs 11-12 months out of the year. The primary difference between prep and full-travel is the overall program cost!

Our 8-month program is geared toward athletes who wish to learn the importance of team work, compete at local and semi-local events, and most of all, want to increase their skills while gaining confidence in their abilities! At BTC, there is a strong emphasis on skill progression and an increased drive to move forward with the sport. Athletes do not need prior experience in cheer to be placed on a team, as we welcome all skill levels! But all athletes must come with a willingness to learn and a passion to excel!

What is the training like for BTC's Prep teams? 
 We train our prep athletes the exact same way we would train a full travel, full year, fully competitive cheer team. We do not hold back when it comes to training just because this is a slimmed down program. A high level of commitment is needed to be on one of our teams. You should anticipate practicing twice a week - during competition weeks we will hold extended or extra practices. We   expect athletes to practice outside of gym hours, as well. All additional tumbling classes are offered at 50% off!!! As well as, FREE weekly open gyms all season long!!!
We provide you with the access to training and tools necessary to progress as an athlete, we expect our members to take full advantage of that!

All Star Competitive Prep Teams assemble this fall!

Tiny Gems, Mini SapphiresYouth Pearls, Junior Opals

 Season runs September 2018 through April 2019 

Important Dates

Informative Parent Meeting for all prep teams: Thursday, September 6th. We will go over the team packet in detail, meet the team coaches and ask any questions you have about the teams!

 Meeting Time 6:30-7:30pm 

Team Placement: Sunday, September 9th, for all prep age groups. All athletes interested in being on a team will meet on this date for evaluations.

ALL ATHLETES IN ATTENDANCE WILL MAKE A TEAM! Age and skill level will be the determining factors for which specific team you will be placed onto. 

Meeting Time 1:00-3:00pm

First Team Practice: Thursday, September 13th. Group practice for all prep teams; all athletes will gather for the first time during this initial group practice.

Additional team information will be passed out to parents & guardians-

 this date will also double as a meet-and-greet for all parents to swap contact info and meet other parents of team members! 

Meeting Time 5:30-7:00pm

Program Perks

  • Monthly tuition is less than $100! 
  • All team members receive FREE open gym all season long
  • All team members receive 50% off all tumbling classes, camps, and clinics
  • All team members will be provided with All-Star training at a fraction of the cost of other local cheer gyms
  • We emphasize skill progression and safety. We strive to see our athletes improve over the course of the season! We will never push an athlete to learn a new skill unless they are actually ready to do so. Skill acquisition is both physical and mental. We provide both confidence and technical support!
  • Teams are offered fundraising & team sponsorship opportunities to help offset cheer costs


 Prep CHEER Teams  

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Our partial-year, competitive, All-Star sanctioned, prep teams provide great skill building opportunities for athletes looking to participate in the sport of cheerleading! Our program is a cost effective alternative to full travel cheer, and offers training during sideline cheer’s off-season!

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