​​Classes run throughout the year! Check our class schedule tab to see which classes are currently running!

Types of Tumbling Classes:
Big time cheer offers a variety of tumbling classes for all ages and skill levels. 

  • Tumbling Tots 101 (Beginner tumbling) Cartwheels, handstands, round offs, front & back walk overs. 
  • Salute (Hand Spring Class) Standing & running back handsprings, front handsprings, multiple back handspring, jumps to back handsprings.
  • Stick it (Tuck Class) Standing & running tucks, handspring tucks, jumps to tuck. 
  • Standing Tumbling Primarily focusing on standing round offs, handsprings, and tucks.
  • Running Tumbling  Primarily focusing on running handsprings, tucks, and fulls.  

Senior Skill Building

Big Time Cheer will be offering a Skill building course geared toward athletes with level 3 skills and up.  This class will keep your tumbling and stunting skills progressing throughout the summer months.  Class meets twice per week and offers the most bang for your buck at an incredibly affordable price. Call today for times and prices.

Team Tumbling
Looking for tumbling for your middle or high school program? Big Time Cheer offers both in gym and on site classes. Please call us to schedule
(734) 421-1033
Open Gyms 
Need a little extra help on your skills? Try Big Time Cheer's open gyms. Our well trained staff will be sure to give you the pointers you need to perfect that skill. All ages and skill levels welcome. Drop in any Sunday 11-1pm throughout the year! $15/week
Flexibility Classes
This is an on-going class geared toward developing a flyers flexibility, balance, and strength so they may properly execute the most elite stunts in the world. Drops in are welcome $12/week

Coming Soon....

​Parent & Tot Class
Looking to do something fun with your little one? Introduce your child to the basics of cheer and tumbling with our Tot class. 

Half Year Rec Cheer Team
Interested in cheering but not sure your ready for the commitment of our full travel teams? Check out our half year prep cheer team. Learn the basics of cheerleading and tumbling in a fun relaxed environment with little commitment. 

Limited Space Sign Up  today!

​(734) 421-1033



​Coed class meets every Thursday from 7:30pm - 8:30pm throughout the summer months.​

Big Time Classes

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Camp & Clinics

Stay on top of your game all year. Big Time Cheer will be hosting a number of amazing camp and clinics all year round. For more information please see ​


As a part of our college prep series, throughout the summer we will be offering coed stunt class. These classes will teach both the basic and advanced stunt, Basket tosses and college pyramids.


SUNDAYS 11:00AM - 1:00PM